5 ways Air India Express stands out among the crowd

Staying relevant in the face of an evolving landscape

Since the launch of its commercial operations in 2005, Air India Express has left no stones unturned, to offer a good flying experience to its passengers. The airline has multiple competitive advantages, that have allowed it to stay relevant in the face of an evolving landscape.

Cost Advantage

Air India Express is a low-cost carrier, established with the objective of providing convenient connectivity to short/medium-haul international routes in the Gulf and South-East Asia at affordable fares.

For Expats

Air India Express’ network extends to over 33 destinations (20 destinations in India and 13 international) and includes over 600 services a week to the Gulf destinations. In short, we have more flights to the Gulf regions than any other parts of the world.

Young and Modern Fleet

Air India Express operates an impressive fleet of 25 Boeing 737- 800 Next Generation(NG) aircraft that support our low-cost structure. Our young and modern fleet comprises aircraft that are both economically and ecologically efficient. Subsequent to a recent upgrade, the cabin ambience has been enhanced. The seats across the fleet have been retro-fitted. The new light-weight seats are equipped with in-seat power to help the charging of hand-held devices of the passengers.

Convenient Timings

The airline is known for its convenient flight timings. Most of our flights are direct flights which make travel hassle-free.

Complimentary Snack Box

Air India Express is the only budget airline that offers complimentary snacks on board to its passengers.  Apart from this, the airline serves tea and coffee without any extra cost. Also included in Air India Express facilities are affordably priced a-la-carte meals which can be pre-booked online.

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