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A La carte menu

Flavour your journey with delicious Indian cuisine

Indulge in deliciousness at 35,000 feet, hygienically served at your seat whenever you are ready Indian food is known for its mouth-watering spice mixes, enticing aromas and complex flavour pairings. With its unique combination of spices, Indian cuisine stands out from food served elsewhere around the world. Why Indian food is so delicious? A study...

A La carte menu

Delectable Treats on the Go!

We’ve enhanced our Buy-on-Board menu with light hot meals to further brighten up your flying experience Good food always makes travel better, comfortable and memorable. Allow your taste buds to embark on a delicious journey with our new buy-on-board treats. Air India Express recently introduced the buy-on-board option for all its passengers. And now the...

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Buy food on board, Beat your hunger pangs

Air India Express offers buy-on-board option for all its passengers What do we do when hunger strikes mid-air? Of course, the pre-booked meals from Express Cafe will be served before you on time. But what if we still feel hungry after having a complete meal. Maybe a little snacking will help to banish that empty...



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Spreading Our Wings Across New Horizons

Air India Express introduces direct flights from Kolkata to Singapore and Dhaka from November 20, 2016. Flight IX 922 on the Kolkata – Singapore sector will depart Kolkata at 9 PM and arrive in Singapore at 03.30 am (local time). In the return direction flight, IX 921 will depart Singapore at 03.00 pm (local time)...

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Did You Know??

Air travel as a luxury that could be afforded by few is a thing of the past, today commercial airline companies across the world are doing whatever they can to make flying more accessible and affordable to everyone. Most of us have at the least traveled domestic and have experienced a plane ride, but here...