Domestic Travel Guidelines


To ensure the safety of the passengers during domestic air travel, Ministry of Civil Aviation, India, has issued precautionary measures to be followed by the passengers. 

Passengers are requested to go through the guidelines as laid down by Ministry of Civil Aviation, India before booking the flight. Passengers may be denied air travel if they fail to comply with the guidelines issued by the Government of India.

Brief Summary:

1. Passengers must install Arogyasethu app and fill in the self-declaration form. Details of the self-declaration form must be accurate, else penal action can be taken against the passenger.

2. Please ensure a valid domestic mobile number is provided in the booking.

3. It is mandatory that each and every passenger must be tele- checked in prior arrival at the airport.

4. Passengers to tele check in by calling our Contact Center at 044 24301930 or 044 40013001 to tele check-in 48 hours before departure of your flight.

5. Passengers must carry the boarding pass to the airport.

6. Details of passenger name and PNR must be affixed or tied with a strong string to the baggage, clearly and securely on the suitcase before airport arrival.

7. Only 1 check-in baggage and 1 hand baggage allowed.

8. Baggage Trolleys to be used sparingly at the Airport.

9. Report at least minimum two hours prior departure but not more than 4 hours prior to the departure.

10. Complete the check-in and baggage drop at least one-hour prior to departure.

Passengers Travelling to KERALA must register and get the pass for entry into the state from They must also submit a self-declaration form. For passengers travel to/ from/ within Kerala – or scan using the QR code.

QR Code for Kerala Flights

Passengers Travelling to TAMIL NADU must register and get the pass for entry into the state from You may be required to be quarantined as per the State Government rules, kindly read the protocols given by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Passengers travelling to OTHER STATES except Kerala must submit the self-declaration form – or scan using the QR code.

QR Code (AI) for all other sectors

To download the guidelines, click here.















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