Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: Travel Update


Forms to be filled by Passengers of Expatriation Flights:

  1. Undertaking
  2. Self Declaration form
  3. Application For Landing-State of Qatar
  4. Undertaking – Deportation Charges Form

Air India Express is operating special flights for repatriation of Indian citizens from the Gulf & Singapore to India commencing 7 May 2020.

Subject to the criteria and eligibility criteria laid down by destination country, travel is also permitted from India to some of these countries and passengers can book their flights through our website or through their travel agents.

Passengers will be travelling at their own risk and are required to read the terms and conditions of travel carefully before making a reservation. Criteria for travel should also be checked by referring to the conditions on the respective countries regulatory website.

Air India Express will not be responsible if a passenger is denied entry into the destination country and they will have to bear the cost of penalty/deportation if any. Quarantine charges at the time of arrival at the destination will have to be borne by the passenger. Passenger must ensure that they comply with all travel and health requirements of the destination country.

At the time of boarding the flight, passengers will have to undergo thermal screening as per health protocol. Only asymptomatic travellers would be allowed to board the flight.

For safe travel of passengers in relation to COVID-19, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, India is now permitting passengers to carry 350 ml liquid sanitizer in the cabin baggage for travel within India and for outbound flights from India up to 12th August 2020. Carriage of other liquid items/gel/paste or items of similar consistency is restricted to 100 ml.

While making a booking on these flights passenger accepts the terms and conditions associated with the travel on these flights. Air India Express has no liability for the same.

The following forms are required to be filled by passenger

  • Undertaking for risk of travel and quarantine cost
  • Deportation cost undertaking
  • Self-Declaration
  • Forms to be filled by Qatari Nationals

Download Undertaking – Deportation Charges Form Here

Download Application For Landing-State of Qatar Here

Click here for FAQs on COVID-19 related travel information 


As per the notification received on 17th May 2020, from DGCA, India, all international passenger flights stand suspended till 1829 GMT of 31st May 2020.

As per the notification received on 22nd May 2020, from DGCA, India, all domestic passenger flights stand suspended till 1829 GMT of 24th May 2020.


As per the latest notification received from Bahrain government, only Bahraini Nationals and Passengers holding a Residence Permit can enter Bahrain.

In order to comply with local immigration authority requirements,

1. Passengers must ensure that the correct Passport Number is entered while making a booking.
2. Passengers must scan the first page of Passport and RP and mail it to Customer Support at
3. Passengers can update/check the correctness of their passport number entered by going to “Manage my Booking” on the website

Bookings may close 48 hours prior departure.

Sultanate of Oman

As per the latest notification received from Sultanate of Oman, only Omani Nationals can enter Oman.

As per the notification received on 24th April 2020 from PACA, all flights stand suspended temporarily.


Oman new 1

 State of Qatar

As per the latest notification received from the Qatar government, only Qatari Nationals can enter Qatar. Booking will close 4 days prior departure.

As per the notification received on 16th March 2020 from Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar, flights between India – Doha stand suspended temporarily.

Qatar New

State of Kuwait

As per the latest notification received from the State of Kuwait, only Kuwaiti Nationals can enter Kuwait.

New KWI Circular (11Mar)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

As per the notification received on 14th March 2020 from GACA, all flights between India – Saudi Arabia remains temporarily suspended.

New Saudi March 14


United Arab Emirates

As per the notification received on 23rd March 2020 from GCAA, UAE, all inbound/ outbound/ transit passenger flights in the UAE stand temporarily suspended.


1. Entry into Malaysia is applicable only to
(i) Nationals of Malaysia,
(ii) Permanent residents of Malaysia with a MyPR cards
(iii) Spouses or children of nationals of Malaysia (They must have a sticker label visa in the passport specifically indicating they are either spouses or children),
(iv) passengers with a diplomatic passport, passengers with official passport on a diplomatic mission.

2. Passengers who are allowed to enter will be quarantined for 14 days at the designated quarantine stations.
For nationals of Malaysia, the government will bear the cost of MYR 150 per day.
For all other passengers, they are required to bear all the costs.

3. Transfer from an international flight to a domestic flight is not allowed.
– This does not apply to nationals of Malaysia travelling to Sabah or Sarawak.


Requirements for travel under COVID – 19

1. Singapore Nationals and Permanent Residence holders are permitted to travel however they may be Quarantined on arrival.*

2. Long Term/ Short Term Pass holders need PRIOR permission from Government of Singapore to enter Singapore. *

All foreigners holding ICA( Immigration Check points Authority ) issued long-term passes (i.e. Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) or Student’s Pass (STP), or In-Principle Approval (IPA) letters for LTVP/STP, who plan to enter Singapore from India must obtain ICA’s permission to enter before they commence their journey to Singapore. They can do so by submitting their application for entry to ICA nCoV Request.

If permission is granted, applicants will be issued an approval letter of entry by ICA for LTVP holders, or by MOE for STP holders, that is valid for two weeks. They must produce this approval letter of entry to airline staff upon check-in at the departure airport, and to the immigration officer at the checkpoint upon arrival in Singapore.

3. This permission has to be obtained by passengers and produced at Check-In Counters

4. Transfer / Transit passengers NOT to be accepted.

* Please check the Government Websites of Singapore for the latest updates on travel.


The Governments of the respective countries will continuously evaluate the measures which are only temporary. For updated information, please check with the respective country’s Govt. or Ministry websites.

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    Hi good morning
    I have booked on 19th March from Kochi to Dubai me along with 2 kids.
    Can we postpone without further charges
    Please confirm, if possible to April first week.

  2. 7

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have taken one airline ticket from Dubai to Cochin from Air India Express on 19-03-20. ( Ticket copy attached).

    Due to corona virus (Covid-19), my working company not allowed travel to anywhere. So I would like to cancel of my ticket.

    Firstly I want to know that, if i cancel my ticket, it is 100% refundable?

    Booking Airline Referance is is : NAXTAK


    Flight No. 434

    Waiting for your reply…

  3. 9

    Dear sir

    I took the ticket for my family to Kozhikode Kuwait on 26th March, but unfortunately now there is a restriction on Visit visa due to Covid-19. Because I need to change travel dates. Kindly give to me advise how to process the change date or refund.

  4. 11

    Sir,I have taken ticket to qatar today, can I change the ticket to the month of October,as the flight is cancelled,or will u refund the amount.

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  6. 19
    Mohammed Shaheer


    I am planning to book a ticket for my family (visit visa) on 14th March to Riyadh, is there any restrictionss on this date or as per previous notification (will allow to enter Riyadh)

    Awaiting for your valuable reply asap

  7. 21

    hello team
    I tried to call dubai number and also the 24×7 customer care number , but unfortunately no response.
    could you please be so kind to posepone my excixting ticket to April 24 ,2020.
    my booking reference = UPJKEG
    Journey 1: Kochi, Intl Terminal, COK to Sharjah, SHJ

    I wrote an email to all these email id , but no response until now

    ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’

    kindly support
    many thanks in advance

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