Beginning The Year With Low Fares !! Grab The Offer & Get Your Backpack Ready!


It’s a brand new year and Air India Express has rolled out brand new fares to reflect our commitment to our loyal passengers to provide one-of-a-kind discounts.

Book your tickets until January 15th, to avail fares as low as Rs 5,499 for flights to and from select sectors in the UAE in our mega promotion.

Has anyone made a new year’s resolution to travel more? This may very well be the offer you’re waiting for. Starting the year on a high note with a visit to an exotic Middle Eastern destination can shape the rest of the year. Or surprise your loved ones you may have missed for the holidays.

The positive momentum gained from an experience may translate into a better year overall, don’t just take our word for it – try and find out for yourself!

Destinations on offer are Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai and Sharjah.  The discounted fares are applicable on flights up to March 26. Stay tuned for more offers in what’s shaping up to be the best year ever so far!

Booking Period 9 JAN 2019 to 15 JAN 2019
Travel Period 15 JAN 2019 to 26 MAR 2019
Sector Fare (AED)*
Sharjah-Mumbai 255
Dubai- Mumbai/ Delhi/  Kozhikode/ Kochi/ Pune / Thiruvananthapuram 260
Sharjah- Kozhikode/Kochi/Thiruvananthapuram 260
Ras Al Khaimah- Kozhikode/ Kochi/Thiruvananthapuram 260
Dubai- Mangalore 290
Abu Dhabi- Kozhikode/ Kochi/ Thiruvananthapuram 349
Al Ain- Kozhikode/Kochi/ Thiruvananthapuram 349
Sharjah- Kannur 399
Abu Dhabi- Mangalore 469
Abu Dhabi- Kannur 469
*exclusive of T.fee  





Sector Fare (INR)*
Mumbai- Sharjah 5499
Pune- Dubai 5499
Kozhikode/Kochi/Thiruvananthapuram- Sharjah/Ras Al Khaimah 5499
Kozhikode/Kochi/Thiruvananthapuram- Dubai 5699
Mangalore- Dubai 6199
Kozhikode/ Kochi/ Thiruvananthapuram- Abu Dhabi/ Al Ain 6199
Kannur- Sharjah 6899
Mangalore- Abu Dhabi 7199
Kannur- Abu Dhabi 7199
Mumbai- Dubai 7499
Delhi- Dubai 7649
*exclusive of T.fee

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